DUI Defense and Traffic Citation Attorneys

DUI Defense Attorneys and Lawyers

DUI Defense and Traffic Citation Attorneys

Every  year, there are tens of thousands of reported DUIs in the state of Georgia alone. If you are one of these thousands, know that criminal conviction isn’t the only possible outcome for you.

H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., is experienced in defending cases related to driving while under the influence, helping clients in Savannah, Statesboro, Augusta and beyond keep both their freedom and licenses. If you’ve been arrested for driving while impaired near Bulloch, Candler, Chatham, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Jenkins, Screven, or Tattnall Counties, you’ll need a DUI Defense attorney who knows what they’re doing to ensure your rights are protected.

A criminal conviction, including DUIs, can have several outcomes. Before you plead guilty, know your rights. Call us today if you want to receive the full protection of the law from experienced Georgia DUI attorneys.

DUI Defense and Traffic Citations

Expert DUI Defense Attorneys for Georgia Drivers

While specific DUI penalties vary by state, Georgia’s consequences include an administrative license suspension, extensive fines, and even up to 12 months of jail time.

Though your options may seem limited at the time you are charged, know that you don’t have to give in to criminal conviction. In many situations, if you seek out a DUI attorney with a solid repertoire of defense tactics, you can avoid criminal conviction altogether.

Your DUI shouldn’t define your record, and it’s not reflective of your personality, either. Seek out a DUI lawyer that will do everything in their power to help you jump this hurdle.

DUI Defense Lawyers that Fight for Your Rights

Your reputation may be on the line with your DUI conviction. That means that when fighting it, only the most reputable attorney will do.

H. Lehman Franklin, Jr. is a highly respected lawyer with 40 years of experience fighting for people like you. Together with Kimberly S. Ward, the team has both the know-how and the compassion to tailor a DUI defense strategy that will work for your circumstances.

Helping You Contest Your Traffic Citations

In addition to helping you fight a DUI conviction, our team is also qualified to help you contest traffic citations. Such citations may include a speeding ticket, citation for a missed stop sign, parking ticket, and many more.

Traffic citations are not only long-time blemishes on your driving record, they’re also another fee to pay—in many cases, a very expensive one.

If you feel the citation was wrongly issued, you do not have to simply plead guilty and accept it. Instead, find an attorney that will perform their due diligence: Conducting research, contacting the court, and organizing a case to protect you from unwarranted marks on your driving record.

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In the case of a DUI or costly traffic citation, you always have options. Residents of Bulloch, Candler, Chatham, Effingham, Emanuel, Evans, Jenkins, Screven, or Tattnall Counties can lean on the experienced Georgia DUI attorneys at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. We’ll provide a strategically effective defense that always maintains your rights as top priority.

We encourage you to tell us about your case before you make any decisions. Contact our DUI lawyers online or over the phone today to schedule your free consultation!