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Document Everything About Your DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence can have tragic consequences. In the US, every day—and literally every hour—someone dies in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, many motorists exhibit poor judgment when not abstaining and this could result in a DUI charge. These types of arrests are often extremely...
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The Wage Earners’ Plan: Who’s Qualified?

What is the “wage earners’ plan” and who qualifies? In bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 allows an individual who earns regular income to reorganize financial obligations to repay over a period of time. The debtor submits a proposal for a repayment plan that is made in installments. The repayment plan is...
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What’s Done at a 341 Meeting?

The 341 meeting is more commonly referred to as the meeting of creditors. This is an important and required part of a bankruptcy case. You are required to meet with the trustee as well as any creditors who wish to attend. During the meeting, the trustee will ask you questions,...
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Understanding Basic Bankruptcy Terms

There is an entire glossary of terms that relate to bankruptcy. The list below covers some of the most common words and phrases you may hear, and what they mean.  Automatic Stay The automatic stay is an injunction that prevents creditors from further pursuit of collection activities against a debtor....
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