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Life is full of surprises. Whether they are financial difficulties or a personal injury, our nearby attorneys can assist. We help Georgia residents like you form a fair defense for an unfair hardship.

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Bankruptcy Attorney near Me

Dealing with sudden debt can be a challenge, but our lawyers near you can help you get a fresh financial start. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. We provide federal debt restructuring help. Plus, we have over thirty years of experience in bankruptcy law with knowledge in many bankruptcy chapters.

Our team knows the bankruptcy code well, and we’ll help you determine the chapter you should file in. The main bankruptcy chapters you’ll likely see include:

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is for people who have a steady income and want to pay off their debt in manageable chunks over time.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is for people who can’t currently pay off their debt but may be willing to liquidate some of their assets, although liquidation does not often occur.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is for businesses and consumer debtors with lots of assets to consider. There are special provisions for individuals or corporations that qualify as small business debtors, which can make the Chapter 11 process quicker and easier.
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy is a unique type of bankruptcy for family farmers and fishermen.

Car Accident Attorney near Me

Whether you’re on the highway or driving through the city, today’s roads are busy places. It can be tough to stay safe when traffic is heavy and other drivers start taking risks.

If you’ve been in a car accident, our team can assist you in finding restitution for personal injuries you may have incurred during the accident.

Our team can consider the laws of the road where the collision happened to determine who was at fault. We can even speak to insurance companies for you to help you get the compensation you deserve for your vehicle and personal injuries.

How to Prepare for Your Car Accident Case

One of the best ways you can build a strong defense for your car accident case is to take pictures of the damage to every car in the collision. It’s also a good idea to document the road where the collision happened to show what hazards may have contributed to the accident.

Make sure you’re collecting all the necessary contact information from the drivers involved in the crash. That means getting their phone numbers along with their insurance information. This is necessary to ensure you receive compensation through your insurance company as well as get a suitable settlement.

Finally, one of the best ways you can collect evidence for your car accident case is to call the police to help deal with the situation. The police will create a report that will be key in compiling a comprehensive record of what happened during the crash.

DUI Attorney near Me

If you’ve recently gotten a DUI, we can help you build a defense to possibly reduce your penalties. Our attorney can be your guide in building a strong defense using a variety of evidence, from documentation at your traffic stop to toxicology reports.

Why Hire A DUI Attorney?

For many people, it may seem like a DUI is indefensible, but it’s always a good idea to have an attorney by your side. A DUI lawyer can provide the legal counsel necessary to potentially alleviate charges.

Personal Injury Attorney near Me

If you’ve suffered a personal injury at the hands of another party, we can help you get the restitution you deserve. We’ve assisted people with a wide variety of personal injury cases so we’re sure we can represent you. Our personal injury case areas include:

We even offer at-home consultations for personal injury cases, so if you can’t make it to us, we’ll make it to you.

How to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Case

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and you want to ensure you receive the compensation you need, it’s important for you to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Not only will having a doctor treating your injury help you to recover faster, it will also allow the doctor to provide a report in your medical history that can be used in the case.

Take pictures of your injuries in order to document where and how you were hurt. The more documentation, the better, as it will help to strengthen your side of the story. Every little detail supporting your case makes a difference.

Wrongful Death Attorney near Me

The passing of a loved one can turn your world upside down. While no amount of restitution can bring them back, we can help you find justice for them and your family.

If your loved one passed away due to negligence, we can help you with your wrongful death case. Just meet with us to discuss the nature of your case and we’ll determine if we can take it on at this time.

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney near Me

Are you noticing signs of neglect in a loved one living in a nursing home? Nursing home neglect is more common than one may initially assume. Our nearby nursing home neglect attorney can help your loved one find justice and receive the treatment they deserve. Some of the signs of nursing home neglect include:

  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • Unclean living conditions
  • Poor diet
  • Unexplained bruises or wounds
  • Inattentive care or poor monitoring of patients

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