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Dealing with a DUI can mean a lot of complex legal hurdles. It’s reassuring to have a trusted DUI defense lawyer by your side in the Screven County area. At H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., we’re here to help you with your DUI case so you can have a strong defense and protect your rights.

Let us show you the steps we can take to help you with your DUI defense and why so many Georgia residents look to us for legal representation.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation

Good representation is important when you’re looking to build a defense in a DUI case. That all starts with a great DUI defense lawyer in the Screven County area, and H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., has been working in law for decades. He offers comprehensive legal knowledge to ensure all the angles of your DUI case are covered.

You can be sure that H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., is well respected thanks to his AV Preeminent® peer rating by Martindale-Hubbell. This is a rating that shows how well his professionalism and legal knowledge are regarded in the eyes of the Georgia legal community.

Why Hire a DUI Defense Attorney

It’s no secret that a DUI can have some serious penalties that can vary depending on the nature of your charge as well as how many DUIs you’ve had in the past. Some of the potential penalties include:

  • Suspension of Driver’s License
  • Jail Time
  • Fines
  • Community Service

The extent of the charges, such as the length of your jail time, can differ depending on if you’ve had DUIs in the past.

That’s where our DUI defense lawyer near Screven County comes in. They will be able to inspect your case to find good angles to take when defending against your DUI charges. By approaching your case from all angles, we can attempt to reduce your charges and secure justice for you.

Building a Strong DUI Defense

A lot of work can go into building a strong DUI defense and collecting all the information available is key. With plenty of documentation on how your DUI case was handled, we can see the best ways to defend your freedoms.

A good place to start is by collecting any documentation given to you when you were pulled over and/or arrested. That means your ticket and any additional documentation that may provide insight into how your traffic stop was handled.


We can also obtain information on your field sobriety test to determine if the tests were mishandled or if the results were inconclusive. Overall, with our legal expertise, we work to find a way to help you keep your freedoms if possible.

Important Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

It’s very important to bring an attorney to your DUI hearings. While it may seem like declaring guilt is your only option, a lawyer can help you defend against those charges and protect your rights. You don’t want to go into a DUI case alone, and you’ll have our defense attorney near Screven County in your corner to help you out.

When you meet with us, prepare for your consultation with a set of questions. Some good questions to ask your DUI defense lawyer include:

  1. Do you specialize in DUI law?
  2. How long have you practiced DUI law?
  3. What is the typical success rate for DUI cases you have defended this year?
  4. How often do your DUI cases go to trial?
  5. How do you think you can help me?
  6. Do you have a strong understanding of alcohol toxicology?
  7. What is your payment plan?

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