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For Effingham drivers, a one-time mistake can affect your records for years to come. However, with an experienced legal team on your side, you can lessen the consequences and avoid the most extreme penalties of a DUI.

Why You Should Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI can upend your life for years to come. Possible consequences associated with DUIs in Georgia include, but are not limited to, license suspension, expensive fines, and jail time. The most severe DUI penalty is a criminal conviction followed by up to 12 months in jail. Are you prepared for any of these common outcomes?

The team at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., wants to put together a DUI defense strategy that helps you achieve the best possible result for your case. Our attorneys have a vast understanding of Georgia’s laws, and stay up to date on any changes. As part of this, we know what protocols need to be followed during traffic stops.

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Strong DUI Defense Strategies

If an officer has reason to believe you’re driving under the influence, they can request field sobriety testing, a breathalyzer test, or even blood alcohol testing. If any of these tests yield inconclusive results or were not performed correctly, you have every right to question their validity.

As part of your defense strategy, we will analyze and inquire about:

To avoid the direst DUI consequences, we advise hiring an experienced DUI defense lawyer. This attorney will represent you both in and outside of court to ensure that your personal freedoms are maintained. Allow our lawyers to set the record straight for you.

Our Team of DUI Defense Attorneys Helps Preserve Your Rights

If you feel you were pulled over, arrested, and penalized unjustly, you don’t have to take the consequences sitting down. Effingham County, GA, residents can contact our DUI defense lawyer for a fairer outcome.

Lehman Franklin, Jr., has over 30 years of experience helping Georgia residents just like you. Whether this is your first alcohol-related offense or not, he’s ready to craft a defense strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

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