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Did you know that in the state of Georgia, a DUI offense can lead to up to 12 months of jail time? You might be staring down potential criminal conviction, something that seems unfair with an otherwise clean record.

You don’t have to sit down and take your DUI conviction without a fight. The team at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., will craft an effective DUI defense strategy to help you avoid the more extreme consequences.

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DUI Defense Lawyer: What Do They Do?

Regardless of the circumstances—whether you just had a couple beers with coworkers or were coming home from a party—DUIs can have dire outcomes. Your license could be suspended, big fines could be issued, and you may even have to go to court.

If you want to avoid up to 12 months of jail time or going to court altogether, you’ll need proper legal representation. That’s where our DUI defense attorneys near Bryan County factor in. An experienced attorney will speak on your behalf in court, working to lessen whatever charges you face.

Remember, the DUI you face today can affect your life tomorrow in a big and often unpleasant way. Work with our lawyers to set the record straight.

Building a DUI Defense Strategy

What does it take to build an effective DUI defense strategy? First, your attorney must have a comprehensive understanding of Georgia’s laws. This understanding includes all the protocols associated with traffic stops.

When pulled over for driving under the influence, you may have to undergo field sobriety testing, a breathalyzer test, or blood alcohol testing. While all three can indicate your level of intoxication, none are airtight.

If tests are not conducted properly or results are inconclusive, they should be called into question. Your DUI defense attorney will help with that.

Avoiding Criminal Conviction

Nobody wants to spend a day in court, and even more so, nobody wants a criminal conviction. Our lawyers near Bryan County will research the following information in crafting your DUI defense strategy:

We Want to Fight for Your Rights

Jail time can derail your daily life (as can driver’s license suspension to a lesser degree). You have a right to contest your DUI and seek a resolution that benefits you.

H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., will help you preserve your rights and your lifestyle. He brings over 30 years of experience to the table helping Georgia residents just like you. It’s his goal to help you achieve the most lenient outcome possible.  

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