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At H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., our team works tirelessly to help the good people of Evans County overcome hardship. In some cases, that means helping you navigate financial strife and finding a way out of insurmountable debt.

Our bankruptcy attorneys have been serving Evans County, Georgia, for decades, providing a combined 30+ years of legal experience between them. If you’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer that is tested, tough, and compassionate, you can find them here.

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The U.S. Bankruptcy Code: Chapters

Before you file for bankruptcy, it’s good to get familiar with the most important chapters in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This code is long and dense, containing many rules and stipulations you’ll have to navigate throughout the process.

Our bankruptcy attorneys are here to break down the legal language barrier so you can understand the chapters that pertain to you. Speak to your attorney to learn the details of each one.

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy helps people who want to pay off debt gradually over time. You must have a steady income to do so. This type of bankruptcy often helps people catch up on mortgage payments, car payments, and other debts.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy helps people who can’t pay back their debt. Liquidation of assets does not usually occur with this chapter, but it can in some cases.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy helps entities with many assets, like a business (though this could pertain to consumer debtors, too). This chapter includes special provisions that can make filing easier for individuals or corporations that qualify as small business debtors.
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy helps family farmers and fishermen and is similar to Chapter 13 as payments are made to creditors over time.

Why Should You File for Bankruptcy?

Some people might think that the only reason you’d file for bankruptcy is because you’ve mismanaged your finances; however, our attorneys know that is rarely true.

Many of the Evans County residents that come to our lawyers for bankruptcy help have been dealt an unfortunate hand. Some have been through challenging divorces while others have been burdened by unexpected medical debt.

No matter your personal history, you can forget the debt myths you’ve heard. Our team is here to debunk them for you. We want to help you set those surprise hardships right.

Find Debt Relief Almost Immediately

Filing for bankruptcy can grant an automatic stay on most of your debt. What does that mean? Your debt has been blocked, and creditors can no longer call, send letters, or hound you in an attempt to take your assets.

With this stay in place, your burden will almost immediately ease. You can rest easy knowing that your assets are safe.

Choose to File with Bankruptcy Attorneys

In order to successfully file for bankruptcy, you must also carefully navigate the many rules and regulations in place. Our team has both the experience and the financial knowledge to help you smoothly maneuver this process.

H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., and Kimberly S. Ward will assist you in assessing your unique situation to determine which chapter to file for. We’ll then ensure you complete every step without error. You can count on our bankruptcy attorneys in Evans County, GA, to guide you.

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