After Settling Your DUI, Understanding Your Blood Alcohol Concentration—and Limits

If you were charged and arrested for driving under the influence, it may have been a wake-up call, but also a traumatic experience. You may be confronting many emotions that surround the situation as driving under the influence can lead to serious consequences such as property damage, injury, or death. However, it is critical to learn from the experience and focus on moving forward.

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Whether or not you have an interlock ignition device (IID) in your car after a DUI, you may find yourself learning much more about blood alcohol (BAC) limits than you ever imagined possible. While the best course of action is to refrain from drinking or to cut down on alcohol use significantly—especially if you may be struggling with substance abuse—the ultimate hope is that you use good judgment in the future. The best bet is not to get behind the wheel with any alcohol in your system.

If you do not have an IID in your car but want to check blood alcohol limits before driving, consider purchasing a portable device for monitoring your BAC. This may shed substantial light on your drinking habits, and especially if there may be even minimal concern regarding alcoholism or abuse.

Keep in mind that many law-enforcement officers report charging a surprising number of individuals with DUI in the morning, this means you must consider your alcohol intake the night before. Simply going to sleep after engaging in heavy drinking does not ensure that your blood alcohol concentration will be below the legal limit in the morning.

In paying close attention to your drinking and driving habits, you will begin to understand more about your own lifestyle, how alcohol enters and exits the body and how much time it takes, as well as perhaps you could benefit from help in the form of counseling or rehab.

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