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Are you facing a potential criminal conviction or hefty fines for a DUI? If you feel your DUI was issued unjustly, you have every right to seek the assistance of a DUI defense attorney in Candler County, Georgia.

The team at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., offers 30+ years of experience working cases like yours. We aim to set the gold standard for resolving hardship.

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What is a DUI Defense Attorney?

DUIs can have big impacts. They can lead to license suspensions, major fines, and court trials. Without proper representation, you could even end up spending up to 12 months in jail for the offense.

To avoid the more serious charges associated with DUIs, you’ll want to hire a knowledgeable DUI/DWI defense lawyer who can speak on your behalf in court. They’ll make sure you fully understand the charges you’re facing and work their hardest to alleviate these charges.

A DUI won’t just affect your life today. Such an offense will leave a mark on your record for years to come. It’s in your best interest to set that record straight while you have the chance.

How to Fight Your DUI

As a Georgia citizen, you know there are certain rules that need to be followed on the road. However, police officers have their own set of rules to follow when it comes to enforcing DUI laws.

A practiced DUI defense lawyer will have a detailed understanding of the rules and protocols surrounding traffic stops, blood-alcohol testing, and other important steps in the DUI procedure.

The smartest defense strategy will hold these rules and protocols against your own DUI to determine whether all were followed as expected.

Building a DUI Defense Strategy

With your DUI defense strategy in place, you may be able to avoid criminal conviction and the court altogether. To help you achieve the best possible outcome in your DUI case, your attorney will look into the following factors:

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When it comes to fighting your DUI, nothing is more important than your personal liberties. H. Lehman Franklin, Jr. is here to fight for your freedom.

Their repertoire of casework is wide-ranging, including innumerable clients and several different types of law. With decades of experience behind them, they will fight to preserve your freedoms and help you avoid any jail time or even a license suspension.

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