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Filing for Bankruptcy: What Does it Mean?

You’ve heard the term “bankruptcy” before, but do you know what it means? Unlike what some may think, it doesn’t just refer to a chronic mismanagement of funds. It’s more often the result of everyday financial surprises that are difficult to overcome, such as costly medical crises or divorces.

Bankruptcy can help you wipe the slate clean, to an extent. While it doesn’t erase all debts, it can erase some of the most burdensome, providing you the everyday relief you’ve been searching for.

How Bankruptcy Can Change Your Daily Life

Before filing for bankruptcy, you really need to assess your finances and personal circumstances. Our bankruptcy attorneys will help Bulloch County residents determine if filing is the best course of action.

Once you file for bankruptcy, you’ll start to see relief right away:

  • Creditors will stop calling you
  • Debt-related mail should diminish or stop
  • Your assets will be safe from repossession

You’ll be able to sleep a bit easier at night knowing your cherished assets are safe and you no longer have debt collectors hounding you.

File for the Right Bankruptcy Chapter

After you’ve properly assessed your finances, you need to consider what type of bankruptcy you should be filing for. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code is broken up into numerous chapters and subchapters, some of which apply exclusively to one type of lifestyle or circumstance.

Your bankruptcy lawyer will help you figure out which of these chapters you should file for when the time comes.

  • Choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you have a steady income and want to pay off your debt gradually over time.
  • Choose Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you can’t pay your current debt and are willing to liquidate some assets, although liquidation often does not occur.
  • Choose Chapter 11 bankruptcy if you’re a business owner or consumer debtor with many assets. There are special provisions for individuals or corporations that qualify as small business debtors, which can make the Chapter 11 process quicker and easier.
  • Choose Chapter 12 bankruptcy if you’re a family farmer or fisherman and can pay off your debts gradually.

Our Team Understands the Complexities of Bankruptcy

When it comes time to file for bankruptcy, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations, and expectations of the process. H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., and Kimberly S. Ward are ready to assist.

Coming from a debt relief agency, they’ve helped plenty of other people in your position here in Bulloch County, GA. Get in touch with them today if you’re ready to ease your financial burdens.

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