Nursing Homes May Not Document Everything—Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones

If you are concerned about an aging parent or a loved one—or if you are a senior yourself, seeking nursing home care—it is important to realize that all nursing homes are not equal. Many of them are under fire these days due to negligence, suffering investigations, fines, and in some cases, closures. Nursing homes may not disclose all the information you need while you’re choosing a facility—or once your loved one is living there.

Often, falls and other incidents are not reported – and while medical professionals may have been aware of the incident at the facility, you as the next of kin or emergency contact may be completely unaware of what is going on. If you suspect anything inappropriate happening, do not be afraid to speak up and ask all the necessary questions; after all, this may be your mother or father’s safety—and even life—hanging in the balance as they are left in the care of others.

An obvious lack of documentation is always concerning and should prompt immediate discussion with administrators regarding what they are supposed to be documenting and sharing with you. Again, do not be afraid to ask if there is anything you may have missed. Ask about safety issues. Are residents allowed to come and go at will, do they have too much freedom without monitoring (this is especially important to know in the case of patients who may be suffering from dementia and should not be able to wander off), or are they overly restricted and denied independence they could be enjoying? After all, despite the potential disabilities patients may have, nursing home patients still have most of their cognitive functions intact and are capable of a great deal of activity

Be vigilant about the status of ongoing health problems and recent exams, any medications being given, any side effects suffered, and notes on whether your loved one is enjoying activities like exercising and eating. Try to get a feel for the nursing staff. Does the nursing home seem to be shorthanded? Do you tend to see the same faces working there, or are nurses and other medical staff temporary and from other agencies? Do most residents of the nursing home seem to be happy? If you suspect abuse of any kind or neglect, consult with an attorney as soon as possible to get help—especially if documentation seems to be careless or nonexistent.

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