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Are you familiar with the intricacies of the bankruptcy process as well as its many chapters and subchapters? Before you file for bankruptcy in Bulloch County, you should find an experienced bankruptcy attorney serving Brooklet, GA.

The team of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., will address all your questions and concerns while walking you through the process step by step. As a debt relief agency, they’re prepared to help you overcome your financial hardships.

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What Can a Bankruptcy Attorney Do for You?

Life has surprises in store for all of us. If some of those surprises—a medical crisis or a divorce, for example—has left you in financial trouble, you may need a bit of guidance. Bankruptcy is a viable option for many individuals struggling with debt here in Bulloch County. That being said, the process is complex and does require sound legal assistance to navigate.

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When you successfully file for bankruptcy, the relief can be instant. You’re likely to stop debtors from repossessing your assets or calling and sending letters. Your debt-related stress is sure to diminish, too.

Of course, to file correctly, you’ll need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer on your side. Our attorneys are proud to offer expert legal advice to residents of Brooklet and beyond.

The Different Chapters of Bankruptcy

Before you can file for bankruptcy, you need to understand the differences among its many chapters. While the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is comprised of numerous sections, there are only a few that are likely to apply to you.

  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Allows you to pay your debts gradually in manageable chunks over time. It’s a good option for individuals with a steady income.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: For when you cannot pay your current debts. You may also need to liquidate your assets, although liquidation often does not occur.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: This is debt reorganization, applicable to both businesses and consumer debtors with many assets. There are special provisions for individuals or corporations that qualify as small business debtors, which can make the Chapter 11 process quicker and easier.
  • Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: Similar to Chapter 13, though applying exclusively to family farmers and fishermen.  

Filing for Bankruptcy near Brooklet GA

Once you’ve spoken to your bankruptcy attorney and you know what chapter you should file for, you can begin the documentation part of the process. You’ll need to provide the court documents and forms regarding your debts and finances. Your assigned trustee will later review everything.

The next steps may include meetings and courses, all of which your bankruptcy lawyer will help prepare you for. H. Lehman Franklin, Jr., and Kimberly S. Ward have helped clients through this process numerous times, and they’re ready to assist you when you’re ready.

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To understand all the details of the bankruptcy process, you need a knowledgeable attorney who is willing to explain it all. The H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., team has plenty of experience in this type of law.

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