Hip Pain and Hip Fracture Personal Injuries Shouldn’t be Treated Lightly

The slip and fall accident can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases even cause fatal injuries. This is especially true for individuals over 65 years old. If you or a loved one have taken a nasty spill and sustained injuries, it is critical to see a medical professional or go to the hospital right away. All too many times—and especially with seniors—such accidents are not reported until pain and resulting damage increase, or worse, become fatal.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that over one in four senior citizens fall annually, and they do not tell their doctor. While we have discussed previously the potential for serious concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), obviously many other parts of the body can be seriously affected.

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The hips, especially as they become more fragile with age, are a main concern after an incident like a slip and fall. Such fractures are usually caused by the patient falling to the side often in an uncontrolled manner, due to hazardous conditions on the ground or unexpected obstacles in the way.

Sustaining a broken hip is extremely serious for you or a loved one at any age, but it is important to note that individuals over 65 may have greater difficulty in recovering. While surgery is usually required, recovery may be extremely challenging and could lead to other complications, not to mention loss of independence and mobility.

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Happen Anywhere 

Slip and fall accidents often occur in areas such as grocery stores or the entrances to malls where there is a great deal of hustle and bustle and the potential for spills or other dangerous conditions to occur. Small and large businesses can be prone to such issues if they are not diligent about safety issues daily, monitoring their property and cleaning up messes in a comprehensive manner.

All spills must be cleaned and dried, weather conditions should be considered if snow or ice will be building up, and property managers must always be watching for areas that need further maintenance—from clearing up lighting issues to dealing with unsteady stairs, landscaping issues that could be dangerous, as well as disruptions like potholes or other perils where individuals may be walking.

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