Many Georgia Car Accidents Involve Large Trucks

Many times, when a large truck collides with a car, the motorist in the car can have a minimal chance of survival. Semi-trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds or more. Compared to the light weight of a car, a motorcycle, or even a pedestrian, collisions like this can have a catastrophic impact. A large portion of traffic accidents on Georgia highways are caused by negligence by truckers; sadly, most of these accidents could have been prevented.

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Even knowing about the dangers, many motorists on the highways today are still texting and driving. The outlook is worse when truckers do so, often giving in to boredom or just trying to stay awake while enduring too many hours on the road.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Becoming distracted by the phone is a common problem today as so many of us think we need to respond to a text or call immediately. Many other activities take our eyes off the wheel, too, such as eating and drinking, grooming, and fiddling around with other electronics. Even worse, truck drivers may also give in to the enticement of drugs and alcohol while traveling—sometimes taking uppers to stay awake, and other times due to serious addiction issues that cause them to use extremely poor judgment.

Trucking companies are having a notoriously difficult time right now in terms of maintaining a labor force. While there may be significant turnover in drivers, the larger problem is that there simply are not enough drivers to go around today, as demand for goods to be delivered around the US continues. Unfortunately, this means that some trucking companies may hire drivers who lack the necessary training to haul inventory—and they may have difficulty with even some of the most basic maneuvers.

Serious truck and car crashes can lead to injuries such as neck sprains (whiplash), spinal fractures, paralysis, brain injuries such as concussions and TBIs, and broken bones requiring surgery. Debilitating injuries may also mean that you are unable to go back to work—whether temporarily or permanently.

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