Seniors & Children Are Often More Prone to Injury

Upward and concerning trends continue throughout the US and the state of Georgia regarding traffic incidents as thousands lose their lives in many vehicle accidents that should have been easily prevented. And while cars crashing into each other are the most common reason for injuries and wrongful deaths, bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities have been on the rise also.

Unfortunately, statistics predict that all of us will most likely be in at least one car accident in our lives. The hope is that it will be a minor one—and one of those inconsequential fender benders where we breathe a sigh of relief knowing we can walk away with little to no physical injuries or property damage. All too often, however, car crashes result in major injuries, causing sprains to the neck like whiplash, severe spinal injuries which could even mean partial or complete paralysis, broken arms and legs which could result in the need for surgery, soft tissue damage, a wide variety of serious contusions and lacerations, head injuries such as concussions and traumatic brain injuries, and more.

Both children and seniors are more likely to suffer injuries or be killed along our country’s roads and major highways. They are more vulnerable in car accidents.. The human body—no matter what the age—is no match against a 4,000-pound car or 80,000-pound truck when traveling on a motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot.

Seniors may be walking through crossways more slowly (battling impatient drivers) using devices such as canes, walkers, or even wheelchairs. Age often brings on other issues too such as failing eyesight. Children may not be aware of traffic rules or what all the signs mean, and without the help of an adult, they may have trouble getting across the street in an organized fashion—and especially in a congested city area. Beyond that, they certainly are not prepared for handling an oncoming car, motorcycle, or truck. Injuries may be more severe and long-lasting, requiring a caretaker for assistance in performing daily activities.

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