DUI: How Effective & Admissible is Webcam Footage?

If you are stopped for DUI in the state of Georgia, you may find yourself being charged and arrested for driving under the influence if your blood alcohol concentration is above 0.08%. It is in your best interest to understand what you are getting into if you get behind the wheel after having a couple drinks or more, and you should know how to handle yourself in the case of any routine traffic stop or a DUI roadblock, whether you have been drinking or not (hopefully not). Drinking and driving is an extremely serious offense; in fact, it is one of the most reckless types of driving offenses as the damage can be not just extremely negligent but also catastrophic and deadly.

If you find blue lights behind you and the police asking you to roll down your window, it is important to remain calm and keep in mind that you do not have to answer any questions beyond the most routine. You may choose to take a breathalyzer test if law enforcement officers suspect you have been drinking, or you may request a blood test at the police station instead. You may or may not feel comfortable performing field sobriety tests such as walking the line, doing the typical exercises such as standing on one leg, walking and turning, and more. Whether you have been imbibing in alcohol or not it is extremely helpful to know your rights and understand what might happen. It is possible to decline such requests, but in most cases, you run the risk of having your license suspended for a year.

Remember what you say may be used against you later. How or if you answer questions could play a role in whether you are charged, as well as what the courts decide. Even more importantly though, do not forget that what you do could work for or against you also, especially regarding webcam footage from the police vehicle. Usually, police officers will activate their dashboard cameras upon making a traffic stop, and this evidence is not only recorded but can be used against you. In most cases, the camera will be directed at the field sobriety test.

If you had a valid reason for refusing to take a Breathalyzer or blood test, your attorney may be able to help you overturn the possibility of an immediate one-year suspension of your license. You probably have many questions if you have been charged with DUI, from wondering whether you will have to go to jail to worrying about getting your license back. Speak with an experienced DUI attorney from the offices of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. Call now to learn more at 912-764-9616, or contact us online.