Car Accident Topics: Defining Reckless Driving

Thousands are killed each year in car accidents, and while it is tragic for lives to be lost, and for families and friends to be left behind grieving, perhaps the worst aspect overall is that so many traffic accidents today are completely preventable.

Distracted driving tops the list for causing fatalities and death, and as you are probably aware—this is one of the most preventable types of reasons for accidents. Hundreds of thousands of injuries could be avoided if motorists were more inclined to put down the cell phones, avoiding texting and talking while driving, and get into the habit of setting the GPS and other electronics before driving, or pulling over to do so.

Because so many individuals on the roads today cannot resist the temptation to leave their phones out of the equation while driving, countless lives are in jeopardy every minute of the day. This is a perfect example of reckless driving, generally defined as a serious traffic violation that is considered dangerous and has the potential to cause an accident.

As we continue to define disturbing habits regarding reckless driving, it is important—and unfortunate—to realize that the same culprits that have been blamed for decades, are still unfortunately in full swing on US highways. Despite massive public campaigning and harsh consequences, far too many motorists still get behind the wheel after drinking to excess or taking drugs. Other drivers may be speeding, ignoring traffic signs, lights, and other signals—as well as traffic rules—or they may be changing lanes erratically and irresponsibly, passing illegally, tailgating, or not wearing their seatbelts.

While it may seem unnecessary to use a turn signal while changing lanes or turning right or left, or to stop at a red light when traffic seems light or nonexistent, such actions can result in terrible crashes and resulting damage like spinal injuries, including paralysis. Victims of negligent drivers may be plagued with whiplash (neck sprains) and pain that can continue to plague them for years. Concussions may be very serious, along with traumatic brain injuries which may cause permanent brain damage, coma, or death.

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