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Have you been injured because of another person’s actions? You don’t have to stay silent and pay the price of their negligence. Instead, you can seek justice with a reputable personal injury attorney in the Augusta, GA, area.H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., has been serving the region for three decades, providing a diverse repertoire of experience and unmatched compassion for clients. If you want your case settled, reach out to our team for assistance.

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What do Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

Even if an accident or injury was someone else’s fault, you’ll most likely be left with the bills and financial losses. However, in cases of both physical and mental damages caused by another party, you can seek out a personal injury attorney serving Augusta, GA, to file a claim. Personal injury claims can be filed against individuals, companies, and other collective entities. The resulting settlement from such a claim can be used to pay for remaining bills or cover loss of wages due to injury. Types of Personal Injury Cases There are a wide variety of personal injury cases, with auto accidents and slip and falls being two of the most prominent. Our team is well-versed in covering all of these, having filed hundreds of personal injury claims in the past.

Why Choose H. Lehman Franklin for Your Case

In times of recovery and hardship, you need compassion, which is something you’ll find from H. Lehman Franklin, Jr. and Kimberly S. Ward. They don’t just want to file your case; they want to walk you through the proceedings step by step and help you achieve peace of mind. With decades of experience as personal injury attorneys in Augusta, GA, the team at H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., is prepared to fight for the resolution you deserve. We Work to Settle Cases out of Court In some cases, heading to trial is unavoidable. However, settling a case out of court can save clients and attorneys time and energy. Our team wants the most satisfying solution for each client, which in many cases means settling out of court.

Preparing a Personal Injury Case in Augusta GA

The attorneys at our firm want to put together the strongest case possible. Here are just a few of the key elements needed in a successful personal injury case.

  1. A timeline: Detailed notes explaining how events unfolded on the day of your injury.
  2. Doctor’s documents: Notes and prescribed treatment plans can be useful.
  3. Photographic evidence: This includes pictures of the scene of the incident as well as injury photos.
  4. Strong communication: Don’t hesitate to present all questions and concerns to your lawyer.

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