Failure to Signal Causes Far Too Many Car Accidents Today

Over 36,000 fatalities were reported on US highways in 2018—and although that is actually a drop in numbers by 1,000 from the year before, there has been an ongoing trend of increased injury and death in traffic accidents for urban areas—despite an enormous amount of public campaigns regarding the dangers of distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, riding without a seatbelt, and more. When you consider how many of these fatalities were probably completely preventable, the numbers—and the level of tragedy involved—are horrific.

Far too many innocent drivers and passengers are killed, but even those who survive may be left with catastrophic injuries to include traumatic brain injury, spinal issues such as total or partial paralysis, soft tissue damage, serious fractures to arms and legs, contusions requiring plastic surgery, and more.

While the typical reckless behavior of irresponsible motorists still plays a huge part in traffic incidents, lane changes and the failure to signal are at the top of the list for reasons for the occurrence of wrecks. Failure to use the turn signal is an ongoing and serious issue. Many motorists fail to use turn signals out of carelessness, but others may do so because they are in their neighborhoods, familiar with all the streets and turns, and they may assume no one is behind them.

Using signals is part of the process for avoiding accidents and multi-car pileups on busy roads. If you have young drivers in your home, it is critical to not only act as a good role model for them in using turn signals, but also discussing the importance with them so that they stay safe, and so does everyone else on the road.

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