Improved Safety: Do Not Let Passengers Distract You

Have you ever had that feeling of getting from Point A to Point B and barely remembering the drive? While that is not uncommon, it can be disconcerting, as well as acting as a wake-up call to remind you to keep your hands at ‘ten and two,’ and give the task of driving all your attention.

Distracted driving is an enormous topic when discussing the rise in traffic accidents, with numerous facets to this category—one that entails numerous offenses responsible for causing hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths; in fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of injuries and deaths on roads today in the US. Texting especially has received considerable attention as the activity of taking your eyes off the road to look at your phone screen is extraordinarily dangerous to human life. There are many other ways to be distracted though—distracted driving did not begin with just cell phones and texting apps!

That driver in front of you eating and drinking while driving is most likely very distracted. Likewise, individuals who are grooming while driving are distracted. And you may find yourself in such a situation dealing with kids in the backseat, passengers, and more. Ironically, other individuals in the car may be the biggest cause of distraction, and sometimes beyond your control. Although it may take more time, pull over to help the younger children with needs while they are in their car seats as well as older children who may require your attention.

If passengers are being loud or disruptive to your driving in any way, you may have to point out the need for safety as well as explaining to them that they may not be able to ride in your vehicle again. Teenagers should be especially aware of these dangers, as other kids their age are prone to becoming a distraction. It is up to the driver to control the environment in the car—and to remember that they are responsible not only for their safety and that of their passengers but also everyone else around them. Many parents simply do not allow teens to drive unattended with other kids, and for good reason. 

If you fear you may be traveling near a distracted driver, give them a wide berth—and remember, giving in to such temptation while driving is never worth the risk.

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