Even Moderate Car Accidents May Trigger PTSD

Over a million people die in car accidents every year. This means thousands of travelers lose their lives every day, and even more people on the roads are injured. Serious physical harm may occur for many, to include serious neck and back injuries, spinal injuries, concussions or traumatic brain injuries, cuts and contusions, and more. Sadly, many of these accidents could be easily prevented. The temptation to drive in a distracted manner is more problematic than ever—along with typical cell phone usage such as talking, surfing the net, and other activities. Drivers put others’ lives in danger when they get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs or engage in other reckless behaviors.

After such trauma, there is a chance for great emotional harm. Even if you have not sustained severe injuries, deep anxiety could suddenly be present when getting behind the wheel again and venturing into traffic. Studies show that post-traumatic stress disorder is often brought on during an event where the individual perceives their life as being in grave danger. This may lead to fear of driving or getting in a car or lack of interest in going out.

“… a dimensional approach to the results revealed significant correlations between (1) peritraumatic distress and persistent re-experiencing or hyperarousal and (2) dissociation score and avoidance strategy. The presence of a prior traumatic event reinforces avoidance strategies,” stated the authors of ‘Categorical and dimensional study of the predictive factors of the development of a psycho-trauma in victims of car accidents.’

Data also shows that over 39%of the individuals who survive motor vehicle accidents may exhibit PTSD. This type of health risk is increased if the person: has experienced prior trauma, does not have emotional support after the event, experiences disassociation, or continues to feel a mounting sense of helplessness or guilt. Red flags or symptoms to watch for in yourself or others include memories that you cannot stop thinking about, a transformation in emotional health overall, and a new level of negativity in both thinking and attitude.

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