Car Accidents: Deep Cuts May Require Plastic Surgery

After a car accident, most of us are just relieved to walk away with our lives—and to see our passengers safe. Far too often, whether motorists are involved in truck accidents, car accidents, or motorcycle accidents – or for those who may have been traveling on foot or on a bike – fatalities occur; in fact, as traffic incidents continue to rise, analysts around the country struggle to find out how to put an end to continued devastation on U.S. highways, for both humans—and property that is damaged.

An enormous number of deaths and injuries are completely preventable. That is why so many are passionate about preventing accidents. Today, the leading danger is caused by distracted drivers giving in to the temptation to text while driving, causing catastrophe—along with talking on the phone, eating and drinking, grooming, and fiddling with electronics. The other classic issues are still to blame on the roads, too, from drunk drivers and individuals under the influence of drugs, to speeders, lack of worn seatbelts, and other reckless activities.

Although even a minor fender bender can cause something like whiplash, more severe car accidents commonly result in neck and back injuries, severe issues like partial or complete paralysis, concussions and traumatic brain injuries which can even lead to long-term brain damage, soft tissue damage, broken arms and legs which may require surgery, severe sprains, and lacerations. It may seem like cuts and contusions would be the very least of your worries if you have been in a car accident, but serious gashes and tears could even mean the possibility of severed muscles.

Broken glass is often responsible for cuts after an auto accident, resulting in tears in a variety of different shapes (and severity) with the potential for sliced nerves, blood vessels, and tendons. While a spinal or head injury may seem far more serious, the potential damage of a cut—and especially one caused by sharp glass—can do enormous damage and may even cause long-term disability. In many cases plastic surgery resolves cosmetic issues quickly and with little scarring. This is especially important when injuries are on the face, leaving patients even more anxious due to the potential for a negative transformation in their appearance.

If you or a loved one have been in a car accident due to the negligence of others, you may be quickly burdened with medical expenses, emotional trauma, serious pain due to injury, and more. With over 30 years of experience in accidental and personal injury practice, we will help you get the compensation you deserve. Speak with a skilled car accident attorney from the offices of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. Call now to learn more at 912-764-9616, or contact us online.