Georgia and DUI Offenses: What Happens to Repeat Offenders?

The topic of DUI laws is one that is often met with great passion, due to its nature as an offense that can bring great harm to others—with the potential for enormous property damage, fatalities, and family members and friends left behind to grieve forever. Getting behind the wheel of your car after consuming alcohol is always a bad idea, even if you think you would register below the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Unfortunately, that extra drink, beer, or glass of wine at dinner—whether consumed at home or while out to eat with friends—could land you in a lot of unexpected trouble and unpleasantness such as a DUI stop, a field sobriety test, blowing into a breathalyzer and the possibility of blood or urine tests to find out whether or not you have drugs in your system too. You could be forced to spend time in jail, deal with an impounded car, and a host of legal complications that should be handled by a skilled DUI attorney.

No one expects or enjoys having to deal with the considerable consequences after being arrested and charged with a DUI. Such a process can be a long and expensive ordeal, and the hope is that first-time offenders will learn their lesson and discontinue such reckless behavior; however, sadly, around one-third of first-time offenders go on to be charged with DUI again (and sometimes again, and again…) The laws and consequences vary between states regarding the penalties, but each time, the ability to have a license and the privilege to drive becomes more of a question mark for the long term.

In the state of Georgia, repeat offenders can look forward to substantially more jail time than a first offender who typically may only be in jail for a matter of hours or days. After a second offense, individuals may be sentenced to several months or even a year. The fines are usually substantially more, community service requirements are increased, and there may be a long-term license suspension. Past the second DUI, offenders will find jail time, fines, license revocation periods to be exponentially longer. In some cases, without the help of an experienced DUI attorney, some offenders may have trouble getting their licenses back at all.

You probably have many questions if you have been charged with DUI, from wondering whether you will have to go to jail to worrying about getting your license back. Speak with an experienced DUI attorney from the offices of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. Call now to learn more at 912-764-9616, or contact us online.