Whiplash can be a serious injury, resulting from car accident trauma

As traffic incidents continue to rise throughout the US, tragic fatalities continue to leave many individuals grieving loved ones over accidents that may have been completely preventable. Injuries send hundreds of thousands of patients into emergency rooms each year, and neck sprains can be one of the most uncomfortable and common results of car accidents. Generally known as whiplash, such injuries are usually brought on from a motion which is much like that of someone cracking a whip—thus the name. If you are forced to slam on your brakes, your head may be quickly jolted back and forth and from side to side in traumatic motion. This may be even worse if you are a passenger and have little time to prepare for the impact.

Like brain injuries such as concussions or traumatic brain injuries, there are numerous different levels to whiplash, and again, the pain may be delayed for hours or even a day or more, leaving you surprised to later find out that you are in considerable discomfort. This may be especially true if you experienced a massive surge of adrenaline during and after the accident, requiring an extended amount of time to subside—masking the pain. Mild versions of this type of neck sprain may present with minimal soreness—but it may not be apparent until days later. In more extreme cases, the spine and connecting tissue in your body could be injured too, along with nerves and muscles.

Many cases of whiplash are self-limiting, but others could be serious and should not be left untreated under any circumstances. Without immediate medical treatment, you could experience long-lasting, chronic issues and complications such as ongoing neck discomfort, severe headaches, and pain that begins to stretch up and down the arms. Whiplash is not an injury that only happens from car accidents either, although many consider that to be the case. This type of motion can occur during other types of accidents which may happen during contact sports such as football or violent episodes. If you have had whiplash before, you may have a more difficult time recovering from it again.

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