Traumatic brain injury symptoms may be silent: know what to look for

If you have received a blow to the head from an injury and are experiencing pain or other complications, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. You could be suffering from a concussion, or worse, a traumatic brain injury (TBI). While over a million individuals may be affected in the US each year, these types of injuries may not be immediately apparent. You may have been injured and are back at home—even for a significant amount of time—before a family member or friend points out that something seems wrong upon noting your altered behavior.

Most commonly, traumatic brain injuries occur due to a serious blow to the head. This could occur during violence (including a gunshot wound), a sports game, or a car accident or motorcycle crash. Even if you or a passenger are wearing your seatbelt, your head and neck could be wrenched back and forth, around, and subjected to life-threatening trauma. This is generally known as a closed-head injury, while a TBI from a gunshot wound, for example, would be known as an open-head injury.

Symptoms of a mild to moderate case may involve a little to no loss of consciousness but a state of confusion, headache, vomiting, dizziness, and more. You may notice even some sense of sensory loss, anxiety and depression, or ongoing drowsiness. If you are suffering from a more severe TBI, you may have lost consciousness during the incident or even had a seizure, experienced vomiting, loss of coordination, slurred speech, mood swings,or the inability to sleep. If you suspect your child may have a TBI, get them to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. Common symptoms in kids include sleepiness, irritability, loss of appetite, loss of coordination, and lack of desire to play.

More extreme cases may also cause severe headaches, blood vessel damage that could lead to blood clots, or even a stroke. Infections are possible, along with fluid buildup. Cranial damage from a TBI may cause facial paralysis in some patients, or vision and hearing loss, along with the potential for cognitive issues, or problems in communication.

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