Traffic incidents rise in the US despite new safety mechanisms and public education

As 2020 looms ahead, we must recognize the growing number of fatalities and injuries occurring on the highway each year. Much to the dismay of safety analysts and government officials, traffic incidents continue to rise; however, this is not isolated solely to motorists. Fatalities are increasing for bicyclists, motorcyclists, and especially pedestrians, with senior citizens at greater risk in every category.

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident or have had to watch them go through the healing process from painful injuries, then you understand the frustration in knowing such events could be avoided if others practiced better judgment and had more respect for the considerable power they wield over the lives of others when they get behind the wheel of a car.

Manufacturers around the world are doing their part to promote safety on the roads and to prevent as many accidents and deaths as possible. Cars rolling off the factory lines today are imbued with a host of different mechanisms such as traction control, stability control, a wide range of sensors, and innovative new airbags.

Public campaigns are in force all over the country, too, teaching and reminding drivers of the dangers on the roads, how to avoid them, and how to practice defensive driving. Driver education courses in both public and private schools are available, and many independent services are available around the country to help those who are learning to navigate their way around the roads and highways of the US.

Still, distracted driving remains the number one reason that individuals are killed and injured each year. While there are texting and driving bans in many states, including Georgia (where your phone cannot even be touching your body), many drivers have a hard time adhering to the laws. The need for communication often outweighs good judgment in using safety, this is the reality today—and one you can probably attest to, after only a few minutes on any road.

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