Document Everything About Your DUI Arrest

Driving under the influence can have tragic consequences. In the US, every day—and literally every hour—someone dies in a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver. Unfortunately, many motorists exhibit poor judgment when not abstaining and this could result in a DUI charge. These types of arrests are often extremely varied; after all, one person may have just had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and was completely innocent to being at the .08 percent level, while another may have gone overboard and is well over the limit. While both may have used poor and/or impaired judgment, the penalties may vary greatly too.

A routine traffic stop may be the precursor to a DUI arrest, with a busted taillight causing law enforcement to stop you and then inquire further if they are concerned that you may have been drinking or taking drugs. Most police officers watch for the basic signs and signals such as weaving on the road, red eyes, and slurred speech. The officer may even have their minds made up from the start; in fact, you could pass some of their field tests and still be charged, which is why it is so important to document everything about your arrest as soon as possible afterward.

The overall experience leading up to a DUI charge can be complex, which is why you should share every part of your documented experience with your attorney. These experiences include the questions that the police officer asks you (most of which you can feel free to decline without the presence of a lawyer), the requests for a breathalyzer test or field sobriety test, and more—including having your car searched and impounded. You may have declined the breathalyzer, resulting in the possible suspension of your license, and you could have spent a night or more in jail.

In noting as many aspects of your DUI arrest as possible and the events leading up to it, consider:

  • What you did that evening and how much you had to drink, where, and when
  • Whether you were drinking on an empty stomach
  • Why the police officer pulled you over to begin with
  • What tests you did or did not submit to
  • Any unusual or inappropriate details
  • Any photos you may have taken at the scene

You probably have many questions if you have been charged with DUI, from wondering whether you will have to go to jail to worrying about getting your license back. Speak with an experienced DUI attorney from the offices of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C. Call now to learn more at 912-764-9616, or contact us online