What’s Done at a 341 Meeting?

The 341 meeting is more commonly referred to as the meeting of creditors. This is an important and required part of a bankruptcy case. You are required to meet with the trustee as well as any creditors who wish to attend. During the meeting, the trustee will ask you questions, with the entire process typically taking no longer than 15 minutes, and often is no more than about 5 minutes. 

The trustee is tasked with finding out if your record of assets and earnings is accurate, with the view towards securing as much money as possible to repay creditors. As the debtor, you should take the time to go over your bankruptcy petition before the 341 meeting. Any discrepancies should be addressed by filing an amendment before the 341 meeting if there is time. Alternatively, you should inform the trustee of any amendments from the outset of the meeting. 

Information Required at a 341 Meeting

When you attend the 341 meeting you must bring a number of documents with you. Mandatory documents include photo id and proof of social security number. Typically, you must provide recent tax returns and bank statements prior to the meeting.  Each trustee has their own requirement.  An experienced attorney can help you know what documents are needed. 

You will be sworn in under oath before the trustee begins to ask questions. It is important to be truthful throughout the process. 


The 341 meeting is usually quite short, unless the trustee needs detailed clarification on any of the information in your petition. Most of the questions during the meeting are routine; except where the trustee asks specific questions about assets or debts. Any creditors in attendance may also ask questions. The routine questions will relate to things such as how you arrived at value for large items such as homes or vehicles, or whether you expect to receive a tax refund. 

When creditors do appear, they may wish to ask about collateral for their debt, such as the condition and mileage on a vehicle, as well as insurance coverage. 

Preparing for a 341 Meeting

On paper, the process is relatively straight forward. However, when you are in the room and don’t have the correct information or there are discrepancies, that is where things can get complicated. To prepare for your 341 meeting, you should consider consulting with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Georgia. 

H. Lehman Franklin P.C. fully understands the bankruptcy proceedings, including the requirements in a 341 meeting. We can provide guidance and help you prepare all the necessary information you need to support your petition. Knowing what to expect from the trustee and creditors based on the specific circumstances of your case is of greater use than understanding the basics. Call H. Lehman Franklin P.C. today if you have any questions related to bankruptcy in Georgia. You can reach our offices on 912-764-9616 or email