Loss of Consortium Three Examples

Loss of Consortium: Three Examples

Anyone who has lost the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries or fatalities caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another party or entity may file a claim for loss of consortium. There are several ways in which a case for loss of consortium may result.

Any loss of a personal relationship may be addressed under loss of consortium. Persons who may claim loss of consortium may include a spouse, children or parents of the injured or decedent party. The following are just three examples of loss of consortium. 

Basic Home Services

A serious injury can have a detrimental impact on love and affection between loved ones. For example:

Bob was in a car accident and suffered a spinal cord injury. Bob’s injury resulted in suffering severely limited mobility. Bob’s wife, Janet now must take care of him as well as carrying out all the tasks and chores around their home. Janet filed a claim for loss of consortium while Bob claimed for compensation to cover medical costs and pain and suffering.

Emotional & Mental Support

An accident may result in injuries that cause emotional and mental anguish for the injured party and close family members. For example: 

David was injured at a construction site by lifting equipment. He suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused changes in his personality. His wife and children struggle every day to provide emotional and mental support, while also dealing with how David’s accident has impacted their own emotional and mental wellbeing. David’s wife and kids filed a claim for loss of consortium to account for the mental anguish they have suffered due to how David’s accident affected his personality. 

Love & Affection

Injuries from an accident can change the dynamics of a previously loving relationship. When love and affection are impacted after an accident, concerned parties may file a claim for loss of consortium. For example:

Heather and John had a loving and affectionate relationship before Heather’s accident. The pain that Heather suffered from her slip and fall injury makes intimacy difficult. John and Heather have been fighting a lot since the accident due to their limited love and affection. John is unable to hug or snuggle with Heather as the slightest pressure causes her pain. John was able to file for loss of consortium citing loss of love and affection, as well as mental anguish and depression. 

There are myriad scenarios which may constitute loss of consortium. It is important to speak to a compassionate and understanding personal injury lawyer. H. Lehman Franklin P.C. has an established reputation as a law firm with experience in cases involving loss of consortium. We can provide the support that you need during this difficult time. 

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