Why You Should See a Doctor After Any Auto Accident

Why You Should See a Doctor After Any Auto Accident

The likelihood of injuries occurring in an auto accident is extremely high. In a minor auto accident, you may walk away with nothing more than cuts and bruises. However, a major auto accident can include life changing injuries such as a severed spinal cord or traumatic brain injury (TBI). There is also the possibility that symptoms of injury won’t show immediately after the accident. 

If you are involved in an auto accident, it is always better to err on the side of caution by visiting a doctor. You will also need evidence of medical treatment if you are pursuing a claim for compensation. 

Delayed Symptoms of Injury

One of the most dangerous consequences of not visiting a doctor after an auto accident is missing symptoms of injury. A doctor knows how to assess you for injuries such as TBI which may not produce early symptoms. Serious injuries require immediate medical attention. If treatment isn’t administered, your health could deteriorate suddenly and rapidly from an undetected injury. 

It is best to leave the decision whether you are injured in the hands of medical professionals. If you need further assessment, your doctor can make any necessary referrals to help ensure you receive the treatment that you need.

Workers’ Comp

What are considered minor injuries may cost you time off work. When these injuries are long since healed, you could still be paying the price in loss of wages. Without evidence that you were ever injured, your job may be in jeopardy. An employer will require you to visit a doctor if you are claiming workers’ comp. 

It may be better to visit your own doctor rather than waiting for your employer to choose a doctor to handle your claim. There are numerous ways not seeing a doctor can affect your benefits claim. If you have been injured in a work related auto accident, do not downplay your injuries. Seek medical treatment and follow all the doctor’s orders. 

Evidence of Injury & Treatment

How will anyone know you were injured if you do not seek treatment from a doctor? Injuries may keep you out of work, which means loss of wages. Serious injuries also have the potential to impact on your future earnings. If you intend on pursuing compensation, seeing a doctor is often a part of the process. A doctor can provide details of any injuries and the treatments you have received. 

Medical costs and loss of earnings are included in personal injury compensation. The more evidence you have to support your claim the better. That includes medical records, treatment, and prescription costs. 

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