Important Pictures You Should Take After a Vehicle Accident

Important Pictures You Should Take After a Vehicle Accident

When you have a vehicle accident, there are certain actions that are advisable to take at the scene. One of the most important things is to capture evidence of the accident. This evidence can be used to build a case for compensation and prove that you were not at-fault. 

The first thing you should do at the scene of a vehicle accident is make sure that all parties involved are safe. Once the scene is secure, contact the police and paramedics for assistance. A law enforcement officer can make a preliminary report that acts as a record of what happened. Paramedics will provide medical treatment at the scene and determine if anyone needs to go to the ER. 

Photographic Evidence

There are countless scenarios which can lead to a vehicle accident on the roads of Georgia. Trying to piece together the events leading up to the accident from memory isn’t always reliable. Pictures can provide evidence that becomes crucial in criminal or civil actions arising from the vehicle accident. There are a number of key areas that you can capture to support your version of events. 

Skid Marks on the Road

Skid marks on the road from vehicles involved in an accident can tell an important part of the story. Photographing these skid marks could help support your claim for compensation if another driver was at fault. It is important to capture clear pictures of tire marks on the road to show the direction in which each vehicle was traveling. 

Vehicle Damage

You will need to recover the cost of damage to your vehicle. While it may not be possible to capture the full extent of damage in an image, exterior damage may prove helpful in a personal injury claim. Make sure to photograph both vehicles. The position of damage can show where impact occurred in a vehicle accident. 

Hazards on the Road

Hazards on or near a road can contribute to a vehicle accident and may mean that someone other than another driver is liable for damages. Take pictures of any hazards to show that there was a danger to motorists traveling that stretch of road. Examples may include guardrails, road cones, or debris strewn across the road. 

Weather Conditions

The weather at the time of your vehicle accident may factor in a personal injury claim. Capturing pictures of weather conditions could settle any disputes arising from personal accounts. For example: If the other driver claims that it was raining heavily, your pictures could dispel that claim. Most modern mobile devices capable of taking pictures can provide a timestamp of when the picture was captured. 

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