What NOT to Do at the Scene of an Accident

What NOT to Do at the Scene of an Accident

After an accident, things happen fast. For a person who has been injured, it is hard to think straight or know what to do. While being civil at the scene of an accident is commendable, there are limits to what you should say and do. 

If one or more parties at the scene were involved in the accident, the question of liability is hanging in the air. What you do or don’t do next could impact the outcome of an insurance or compensation claim.

Do NOT Admit Fault

The polite thing to do after an accident is to deal with the situation amicably. You may even feel that it is right to accept some or all of the blame for the accident. Disclosing too much at the scene of a accident could cost you. Avoid taking blame at the scene or when speaking to insurance companies. Speak to a personal injury lawyer who can provide guidance and representation. 

Failing to Call Emergency Services

When an accident happens, calling the police and paramedics should be one of your first actions after ensuring everyone is safe. A preliminary report is an impartial account of what happened at the accident scene. The record captured by a law enforcement officer may become crucial evidence in a personal injury case. Besides providing medical assistance to those  who need it, the record of your treatment may also prove beneficial if you are planning on seeking compensation. 

Failing to Capture Insurance Information

You will need the other driver’s insurance information if you wish to file a claim against their insurance. In all the confusion that occurs at the scene of an accident, this is a step that drivers often forget. Swap insurance information as early as possible. Once police and paramedics arrive, you may not get the chance to speak to the other driver. 

Losing Valuable Evidence

Personal injury claims are complicated and can go back and forth when it comes to establishing who was at fault. If you do not gather witness contact details, you have no backup of your version of events from the scene. Additionally, there is plenty of evidence that you can capture at the scene which your personal injury lawyer could use to build a case. Pictures of both vehicles, skid-marks on the road, and the weather conditions at the time of the accident should be captured as evidence. 

Personal Injury Lawyer

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