Early Detection of Brain Injury Is Easier Than Ever

One of the major risks with brain injuries is that early detection often relies on a determination from a medical professional. Sometimes, the symptoms of a brain injury do not present right away, even if the injury poses a significant threat to health. A recent innovation from Blinktbi may provide a better way for medical professionals to detect brain trauma or concussion immediately after an injury. 

The device monitors blink reflex and has the potential to identify impairments that impact on neurology. The subject’s eyelid movement and reflex time may provide signs of traumatic brain injury that are not easily picked up using traditional assessment methods. 

Using five small puffs of air directed into the eyes, the Blinktbi is able to capture blink reflex with high-speed cameras. There has been a significant amount of study that suggests blink reaction is an accurate method for early detection of brain trauma, including concussion. The technology is particularly geared towards detecting brain injuries in athletes, where a trainer has limited time to assess and make a determination. 

Overreliance on Overt Symptoms

In sports and athletics, trainers and medical professionals typically rely on the detection of overt symptoms. Amnesia, confusion and loss of consciousness are considered a no-go and would immediately result in an athlete being referred for medical attention. The problem with this approach is it doesn’t take into account only 10 percent of concussions result in loss of consciousness. 

The addition of the Blinktbi as a tool for detecting concussion may help trainers and medical professionals catch traumatic brain injuries much earlier. Helping to minimize the potential for further injuries occurring or undetected injuries becoming exacerbated. There are moral and ethical considerations when it comes to young athletes taking to the field with potential injuries. From the perspective of most trainers, the Blinktbi device is a welcome addition to their list of injury diagnostic methods. 

Personal Injury Claims of Brain Injury

Personal injury claims may arise from a brain injury that resulted from negligence. In many cases, a plaintiff may not even realize they have suffered a brain injury in the immediate wake of an accident. When symptoms do not present right away, the Blinktbi could detect a brain injury early and provide the plaintiff with evidence to support a case for compensation. 

A brain injury can result in significant medical expenses related to detection and treatment. You could end up out of work, which means lost wages and the potential for a reduction in future income. It is a combination that could result in you struggling to make ends meet. If you have suffered a brain injury in Georgia and need legal advice, the firm of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., can provide excellence in representation. 

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