4 Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

You are highly at risk of suffering serious injuries if you are in a motorcycle accident. Other motorists are afforded a certain level of safety due to seatbelts and a large steal frame that protects them from impact. Motorcyclists are not so lucky and must exercise extra caution when riding on the roads. 

Sometimes, getting in a motorcycle accident may be out of your control. The following four examples of motorcycle accident causes can occur due to carelessness or distracted driving on the part of another vehicle operator. 

Unsafe Lane Changes

You could be riding along a road, observing all the rules of the highway, when suddenly another vehicle attempts to change lanes without first checking blind spots. This could result in a collision or you being forced off the road. For much the same reasons, the other vehicle involved in the motorcycle-involved accident may decide not to signal because the driver is not aware you are currently occupying a spot in the lane. 

Car Doors

A serious motorcycle accident can result from the simple act of a driver or passenger in another vehicle opening their door without checking for oncoming traffic. If you are riding a motorcycle and don’t have time to stop, hitting an open door will likely result in you being thrown from the motorbike and suffering injuries due to impact with the road or other objects. 


There is a reason why the law stipulates speed limits for different road types and locations. If a vehicle is going too fast, the driver may not see potential hazards, including motorcycles, in the path of his car. The driver won’t have time to react and may end up colliding with your motorcycle or forcing you off the road. The faster a vehicle is traveling at the point of collision, the greater the potential for injury in a motorcycle accident. 

Driving Under the Influence

It is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, because it impairs vision, reaction times, and reduces the likelihood for drivers to act rationally. A drunk driver may swerve into the path of a motorcycle, collide with the motorcycle, or rear-end the motorcycle due to impaired ability to control the larger vehicle. 

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Georgia

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