What to Do if a Loved One Is Killed in a Truck Accident

Fatalities in truck accidents can devastate entire families, leaving the lives of the spouse, parents or children of the decedent shattered. As a surviving family member, you may have the power to pursue justice for your loved one through criminal and civil legal action. 

Speak to a Wrongful Death Lawyer

The first step you can take is to speak to an experienced and compassionate wrongful death lawyer. Truck accidents typically involve going up against a company that has highly qualified lawyers to represent its interests in any resulting lawsuits. Further, trucking companies use insurance companies that are not in the business of making it easy for you to seek compensation. 

A qualified lawyer can help to establish liability on the part of a truck driver, trucking company or any other entity which may have contributed to the cause of the accident that resulted in your loved one’s death. You have the right to seek representation so you can fight for what is fair and just. 

Truck Accident Investigations

Truck accident investigations are designed to establish who was at fault in the accident. This often involves a lengthy process whereby investigators will gather evidence from the scene of the accident, including obtaining police reports and eye-witness statements. Your family member deserves to have a voice in any investigation, which is where a determined lawyer is of great benefit to family members. 

Your lawyer can handle any discussions and negotiations with insurance handlers or investigators, relieving you of the distress that comes from reliving the details of the truck accident. An experienced wrongful death lawyer will understand the process and treat family members with compassion and understanding. 

Wrongful Death Considerations

Wrongful death cases are complex in nature, and it is important to understand who can bring legal action in a truck accident. The order in which surviving family members can pursue a claim starts with a spouse, if one exists. If there is no spouse, a minor or sui juris child may handle a wrongful death case. In the event that a decedent had neither a spouse nor children, any surviving parents are next in line. Finally, a person responsible for the decedent’s estate may take on the responsibility in a wrongful death case, if no qualifying family members exist. 

To help you navigate the processes involved in a wrongful death case, you can reach out to someone who understands your family’s needs. H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., has extensive experience in wrongful death cases in Georgia. We provide access to a team of legal professionals who treat your case with the sensitivity it deserves. Our practice is focused on provided representation at a local level that delivers the same quality of service you would expect from a nationwide law firm. Call the offices of H. Lehman Franklin, P.C., today, at 912-764-9616, or email, if you have lost a loved one in a truck accident. We are here to represent you with compassion when you need the support of an experienced law firm in Georgia.