Why You Should Contact an Attorney for an Insurance Dispute

Do you feel like you have reached an impasse in an insurance dispute? Arguing endlessly for what you know you deserve can become exhausting. If an insurance company refuses to budge, you may want to consider hiring an experienced attorney. There are a number of elements in these cases an attorney would be aware of, which could help you navigate through the barriers you are facing. 

Insurance Disputes

Issues may arise when the claimant and the insurance company are not in agreement regarding damages. To settle a claim, the following must be considered: what is damaged and to what extent, and whether repairing or replacing would be a better resolution. 

An insurance dispute can also stem from the provider denying coverage for a claim. If you believe some or all areas of damage are covered, reaching out to an attorney may help you build a stronger case. 

In some instances, bad faith results when the insurance company refuses to pay, even when you provide ample evidence to support your claim. This may include providing requested documents and proof of loss. A claim that is settled at a lower amount that you deserve or is completely denied may constitute a bad faith claim. 

Can an Attorney Help? 

You should first establish whether an attorney can help you in an insurance dispute. An attorney can provide representation in bad faith claims, in most cases. If you are reluctant to hire an attorney due to cost concerns, seeking out an attorney who offers a free consultation will help you decide whether it is worth taking on representation in your case. 

The process of fighting an insurance dispute can take a significant amount of time. It is important to make sure you have exhausted all other avenues for resolution before hiring an attorney to represent you. There are a number of steps you can take in an attempt to resolve the issue without filing a bad faith claim. 

Negotiations & Complaints

If you are not getting satisfaction from speaking to the insurance company representative, ask for formal negotiations where you can flesh out the dispute calmly with the view towards reaching a satisfactory outcome. You also have the option of taking your complaint to a representative who is higher in the chain of command. 

The Georgia Department of Insurance can also assist you with insurance disputes. Making a complaint may improve your chances of resolving the claim quickly and without the need for an attorney. Insurance companies do not want to go up against the insurance commissioner if there is any chance that the dispute is the result of bad faith. 

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