Why a Truck Accident is Often Preventable

It is the responsibility of everyone who uses Georgia roads to help prevent truck accidents. The potential for devastation resulting from a truck accident is considerably high. Because of their size and weight, trucks cannot stop as quickly as smaller vehicles. It is therefore important drivers and pedestrians treat trucks with respect and courtesy. When a truck is given the space it needs to maneuver, the potential for accidents is greatly reduced.

Truck drivers are also responsible for ensuring they pay due care and attention when in traffic. The companies that manufacture or use trucks have a part to play, too. There are a number of actions companies can take to provide truck drivers with more tools to stay safe on the road. Statistics have shown that when more drivers are educated on awareness, there are fewer truck accidents.  

Truck Accident Prevention

The first thing all drivers should practice whenever on the road is heightened awareness of trucks. Yes, they are hard to miss but that doesn’t mean drivers aren’t capable of being complacent and causing a truck accident. Give trucks the space they need to stop and turn. If another vehicle causes a truck to swerve, the larger vehicle may completely lose control and sideswipe one or more vehicles. 

When you are attempting to pass a truck, make every reasonable effort to let the driver know of your intention. Avoid trying to cut in front of a larger vehicle, as the driver won’t have the time to slow down to compensate. Slowly accelerate and maintain a consistent speed as you pass the truck so both vehicles are in harmony on the road. 

If you are unable to clearly see a truck’s side mirrors, it means you are in a blind spot and the truck driver will not see you when making turns, slowing down, or stopping. Again, this is a scenario where you should be patient and give the truck enough space to see your vehicle, and you should act appropriately when maneuvering the larger vehicle. 

Truck drivers are increasingly relying on technology to help them avoid accidents. Cameras which relay real-time video of blind spots, Forward Collision Warning Systems (FCW), Rear Collision Warning Systems (RCW), and improved breaking systems are just some of the technologies truck companies are investing in to help prevent a truck accident from causing serious injuries or fatalities. 

Truck Accident Lawyer, Georgia

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