Hospital Negligence: When Healthcare Fails

When you go to hospital for diagnosis or treatment, you trust that the medical professionals charged with your care are competent. However, in those instances where healthcare fails, it often causes harm to patients. Factors in hospital negligence may include carelessness or overworked staff, but in all cases, patients who experience injury have the right to seek compensation. 

Examples of Hospital Negligence

It is important to establish that hospital negligence occurred, and it resulted in injury. There are specific types of hospital negligence that are common. Failure to diagnose and misdiagnosis are examples of hospital negligence that may indirectly cause harm to a patient. If you are not being treated, or you are being treated for the wrong condition, it could result in harm. This is often the result of misreading or dismissing laboratory results, which is classified as hospital negligence on its own. 

When people think of hospital negligence, events such as unnecessary surgery, surgical errors, or operating on the wrong site typically come to mind. However, something as simple as being given the wrong medication can result in serious harm. Even patients who are on their way out of the hospital, or are already home, may claim for hospital negligence if they are discharged prematurely or do not receive sufficient after-care. 

Proving Hospital Negligence

Proving hospital negligence is not always easy. In many cases, negligence isn’t recorded, so it is your word against that of medical professions. However, speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you build your case. To prove hospital negligence, the testimony of a medical professional who holds equal or greater qualifications than the defendant is necessary. A personal injury lawyer will know how to examine the evidence available to you and make sure your case receives the support it deserves. 

It is important to obtain records of any relevant diagnosis, treatment, or the administration of medicines to support your case for hospital negligence. You may have a tough fight ahead of you, but with the right lawyer in your corner, you have a greater chance of winning fair compensation. If you do not hold the hospital accountable for your injuries, it could mean paying the cost through medical expenses for years to come. 

Hospital Negligence Lawyer in Georgia

H. Lehman Franklin P.C. and their associates have extensive experience in helping bring hospital negligence cases. We have the expertise and a strong team of legal professionals who support our clients throughout every stage of litigation. If you believe a medical professional or entity was negligent in providing diagnosis or treatment, H. Lehman Franklin P.C. would like to hear from you. 

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