Proving Nursing Home Negligence in a Loved One’s Death

When a loved one dies in a nursing home, it is important for family members to understand the circumstances of the death. While many elderly nursing home residents die from natural causes, it is not unreasonable for close family to want to know their loved one was well-cared for prior to dying. If you begin to suspect a caregiver was negligent in causing your loved one’s death, proving this can be difficult. 

You will need to establish a breach in the standard of care your loved one was entitled to in respect to medical care and other needs. There are a large number of ways in which a nursing home resident may suffer neglect, depending on the physical and mental health of the resident. Understanding your loved one’s care needs, and whether they were carried out, could present the first piece of evidence in proving nursing home neglect. 

Examples of Nursing Home Negligence

Thinking back to before the death of your loved one, you may recall troubling signs of nursing home negligence. Bed sores may indicate your relative was not being properly attended to or given appropriate exercise. Dehydration or malnutrition are also signs of a patient who has not received proper nutrients. If your loved one suffered broken bones from a fall, the accident may have resulted from nursing home negligence and may have ultimately contributed to an unnatural death. 

If you are concerned about any unusual events leading up to the death or the circumstances of the death itself are suspicious, you may have a case. In many cases, expert witnesses can provide testimony that a particular set of circumstances contributed to the death of a nursing home resident. For instance, nurses or doctors are often introduced to provide opinions on treatment records to support the case for wrongful death. 

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer in Georgia

Bringing your suspicions to the Division of Aging Services is the first step. Reporting nursing home negligence or abuse will result in an investigation into the circumstances of the resident’s death and any potential contributing factors. If it is found the nursing home or its staff were negligent, you may wish to contact an experienced lawyer. 

H. Lehman Franklin P.C. can help you build your case if you wish to pursue compensation for nursing home negligence which resulted in the death of your relative. We have the legal expertise to support you with compassion and understanding through this difficult time. Our consultation service will give you access to a legal professional who understands all relevant laws and procedures in nursing home negligence. 

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