Know Your Rights in a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

Under Georgia law, a bicycle is a vehicle. This means cyclists are bound by the same codes and regulations as anyone in charge of a vehicle. It is important to note there are additional codes and regulations for various classes of vehicles which do not apply to bicycles. Regardless, as the rider of a bicycle, you have the right to operate your vehicle legally and are owed a duty of care by other vehicle operators. 

Common Bicycle Accident Causes

You are more likely to become involved in a bicycle accident when bicycling near motorists. While some motorists may show complete disregard for cyclists, others simply fail to see bicycles, which can result in a collision or other type of accident. 

Motorists swerving into the same lane as a bicycle, performing an illegal turn when a bicycle has the right of way, or reversing into a bicycle are some of the most common actions that can result in a serious accident. When passing a bicycle, motorists are also required to allow three feet between their vehicle and a bicycle under Georgia law. Motorists who fail to obey the law by passing too close to bicycles are endangering the life of the cyclist. 

Bicycle Accident Compensation

As other drivers owe you a duty of care when you are operating a bicycle in Georgia, you may have a case for compensation if you are injured in a bicycle accident that wasn’t wholly your fault. You can claim medical expenses and other losses if it can be shown that another motorist held greater than 50% of the fault in your bicycle accident. 

By providing evidence of medical costs, lost wages, and any damage to property, you can seek compensation from the at-fault driver for economic damages. However, you are also entitled to ask for compensation to cover future medical expenses, wages, pain, and suffering. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to maximize a claim will greatly impact your compensation.

H. Lehman Franklin P.C. 

A bicycle accident may leave you seriously injured and unable to work, while medical bills pile up. The firm of H. Lehman Franklin P.C. has represented countless victims of bicycle accidents in seeking fair compensation for their injuries. We understand the laws that apply to vehicles of various classes and how those laws may apply in your case. Hiring a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to build a strong case for compensation will go a long way towards helping you pay medical expenses and provide financial support while you recover. 

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