Traumatic Brain Injury

Help for the Family of a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

There is no way of knowing exactly how the life of someone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury will change. Caregivers, who are also usually family members, face a number of challenges in providing care and support. Each case is different, so there is no definitive model for promoting the health and welfare of both the traumatic brain injury sufferer and family members.

While the care of the traumatic brain injury sufferer is paramount, family members also need support. Learning how to care for a TBI sufferer is no easy task and anyone involved in care will need to look after their own mental and emotional health. There are a number of ways you can make life easier for yourself; making you a more effective caregiver for your loved one.

Traumatic Brain Injury Care-Giving

The first habit you should adopt when you are caring for a traumatic brain injury sufferer is ensuring everyone is well-rested. For the patient, rest is an essential aspect of recovery. As the caregiver, you will need to get as much rest as you can to help preserve your energy.

It is important to understand the new limitations of the traumatic brain injury suffer. Never put the patient in compromising scenarios which could lead to further injury. Consultation with doctors and therapists will help you understand what your loved one can or cannot do. Discussion should include activities they can manage, such as exercise.

Smoking and alcohol consumption have the potential to severely impact recovery. Your loved one may wish to continue the habit, whether that means smoking or having a drink. Stopping these activities is strongly encouraged and should be part of discussions with the patient’s doctor.

You and the patient will go through a lot on any given day. When you are providing a loved one with support, keeping track of activities and progress will significantly improve their level of care. The diary you use to record activities and incidents will help the doctor create a more effective treatment or therapy plan.

Outside Support

The following organizations provide support for the sufferers and families of people who have a traumatic brain injury. You can find help, understanding, and compassion to get through one day at a time, by reaching out to the organizations which are the right fit for your situation. 

Brain Injury Association of Georgia

Toll-free Helpline: 800-444-6554



Georgia Advocacy Office, Inc.

(404) 885-1234

(800) 537-2329

Brain & Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission

Phone: (404) 651-5112

Contact: Craig Young, Executive Director


Dept of Human Resources

(404) 657-3000

Dept of Human Resources

 (404) 657-2252

Legal Support

For families who need legal support in pursuing compensation for personal injury in a traumatic brain injury case, H. Lehman Franklin P.C. can provide expert representation. Our team of legal professionals will treat your case with understanding and compassion. Call our offices today at 912-764-9616 or email us at if your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident. We are your community-focused legal firm in Georgia.