When Medical Bills that Kept You Alive are Killing You

Medical Bills

When Medical Bills that Kept You Alive are Killing You

For many Georgia citizens, life-saving medical interventions are a daily reality. However, treatments cost money and the cruel twist is that the more you need to keep you alive, the faster it will kill you financially. Staying afloat and being able to afford treatments, therapies, and medicines can be a balancing act and it only takes the slightest upset to bring everything tumbling down.

If you are facing financial ruin as a result of paying for treatment or the effects of an illness, it is important to act fast in order to ensure you can continue receiving the medical care you need to stay alive. By looking at your current and future financial stability, it can help you focus on the steps you need to take to bridge the gap between necessary treatment and cost.

Progressive Disability

There are numerous types of injury or medical conditions which are likely to become worse with time, despite treatment. If you suffer from an illness such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, there is a very real possibility it may eventually limit the ability to work or earn as much as you once did. A worsening condition will require more expensive treatment to keep you alive, but if you can’t work, you won’t be able to pay medical bills.

Additionally, not being able to pay previous medical bills could eventually result in the cessation of ongoing treatment. This puts patients in a position where a disability deteriorates due to lack of treatment, which in turn results in the inability to earn a wage to pay off existing or future medical bills. It is a vicious cycle of debt which can directly contribute to the degradation of both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Loan Debt

For those suffering from serious ill health, rainy days are more likely to come, simply due to the increased probability of a major upset occurring. When you are already dealing with an incredibly tight budget, there are few places left to turn when money comes up short. For many, that means turning to loans to get through a crisis. Increased debt may answer an immediate need but it takes away from money which could have contributed towards the cost of essential medical bills.

Getting a handle on your debt may seem like an impossible task but it is important not to ignore the issue. Your continued good health is what’s most important and that relies on being able to keep up with those medical bills in order to continue the treatment you need to keep you alive.

Debt Management Solutions Georgia

Before your debts snowball and you start ignoring those mounting medical bills, seek debt management solutions in Georgia. At H. Lehman Franklin, we have helped countless patients better manage debts relating to medical bills and the overall cost of illness. We want to hear your story. Reach out to the team of H. Lehman Franklin today at 912-764-9616 or email us at info@hlfranklin.com for a compassionate and understanding consultation in the state of Georgia. Together we can explore ways to help you deal with your medical bills, such as determining which Chapter of bankruptcy may help you the most, or considering other possible options.