The Driver Assist Program and the Auto Accident

Driver Assist Program, Auto Accident

The Driver Assist Program and the Auto Accident

By now, most people have heard about the self-driving Uber that killed a woman in Arizona; resulting in a legal case that made headlines across the nation. The event and the case raised a number of questions about the role of advanced technology in cars and other vehicles. Many of the recent innovations that are designed to make road use safer have been shown to have flaws, which could still contribute to an accident.

Driver assist programs are one such technology which, some road safety advocates suggest, is not quite where it needs to be in terms of effectiveness. Depending on the manufacturer, driver assist programs have varying capabilities when it comes to providing motorists with assistance. Some provide audio and visual alerts, whereas others are capable of stopping a vehicle or commandeering steering to return the vehicle to the correct lane.

At the top end of this technology are self-driving vehicles that, as demonstrated in Arizona, still have a long way to go before they can be considered completely safe to be released onto the roads of Georgia in masses. The other aspect of the role of driver assist programs in auto accidents is the ability of software and other devices to collect and record data related to the crash. This information is presentable as evidence in cases where an injured party is seeking compensation.

Over Reliance on Driver Assist Programs

Like any new toy, people tend to overestimate the abilities of novel technology. Having a driver assist program that can apply the brakes to avoid auto accidents may result in an overreliance on the software doing its job, rather than the driver paying attention and reacting to potential hazards. The belief that driver assist programs are infallible is a recipe for disaster.

If the software fails and the driver doesn’t have time to apply the brakes, he is still at-fault for any resulting accident. However, the manufacturer of driver assist programs may also hold liability if their product is a contributing factor in an accident. As these types of systems become more common on the roads, motorists may face greater challenges in adapting to features that provide automation. The law, too, will need to keep up with new technology and how it impacts on the question of liability in auto accidents.

Auto Accident Lawyer, Georgia

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