The Roundabout Accident

Roundabout Accident

The Roundabout Accident

Depending on where you live in Georgia, it may surprise you to learn that roundabouts have been a feature in the state for the past 18 years. Over this time, there have been hundreds of roundabouts installed to improve traffic flow or help in redesigning road networks.

This doesn’t change the fact that, for many Georgia citizens, navigating roundabouts can still prove difficult. When roundabout accidents happen, proving who was at-fault can present challenges for those who have suffered injury. It helps to have a lawyer on your side that has the experience and expertise necessary to fight for fair compensation.

Roundabout Accidents

It is typically understood by most Georgia motorists that the vehicle entering the roundabout should yield to those already circling. When an accident occurs, it is therefore usually the fault of the driver entering traffic already on the roundabout – but this is not always the case. An experienced roundabout accident attorney will consider all the facts leading up to the accident and attempt to build a case supporting your claim for compensation.

Legally, vehicles coming into the roundabout are expected to yield to existing traffic, whereas vehicles in the roundabout should use their indicators when exiting. Roundabout accidents are often the result of one driver failing to see another or anticipate their actions. This allows for a large number of scenarios that are more nuanced than one driver entering or exiting the roundabout incorrectly.

Roundabout accidents may occur due to the actions of a driver already in the roundabout cutting off another driver. If we take this scenario one step further, that domino effect may result in the driver who was cut off colliding with a third vehicle who is attempting to enter the roundabout. A personal injury lawyer will need to collect and examine the evidence from your accident to determine who was at fault.

Roundabout Accidents & Injuries

Although serious injuries can occur as the result of roundabout accidents, most involve one vehicle colliding with another at an angle. These types of accident are less likely to result in injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. However, it is still important to seek medical treatment if you have been involved in a roundabout accident.

If your injuries require medical treatment and you are forced to miss work, you may want to consider pursuing compensation. It is important to establish liability on the part of another motorist in order to receive a payment from their insurance company. If you need support, you can speak to a personal injury lawyer in the state of Georgia.

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