2019-2020 Safer Roads Challenge Open for Application

2019-2020 Safer Roads Challenge

2019-2020 Safer Roads Challenge Open for Application

Although laws are in place to keep road users and pedestrians safe, we can all do our part to make Georgia’s roads a little bit safer. Together for Safer Roads (“TSR”) has now opened its Safe Roads Challenge for the years 2019-2020. The Safer Road Challenge provides the opportunity for private companies and local officials to unite with one goal: to identify specific road challenges in communities and create solutions by pooling their combined resources.

All that is required for entry is that cities and communities submit an outline of road safety challenge that TSR can get behind and support. If the challenge is accepted as meeting the criteria for a critical safety challenge, TSR will provide the expertise of TSR member companies to assist officials in identifying the root causes of the road safety issues in question. The goal is to then create effective interventions, which will be reviewed by a TSR expert panel.

Select applicants are invited to attend TSR’s annual membership meeting, where they will have the opportunity to promote their road safety challenges and begin creating effective solutions. Previous Road Safety Challenges have resulted in the implementation of interventions which reduced traffic crashes; including a 26% reduction in Atlanta.

Business & Community

As a business that serves Georgia communities, taking part in the Safe Roads Challenge is your chance to give something back that matters. Year after year, these initiatives continue to find solutions for problems that may have existed on our streets and roads for decades. Companies and city officials with access to the resources needed to identify and devise solutions can make a significant impact on the safety standards of our roads.

What you get back from serving the community is worth more than all the money and assets in the world. Knowing the people of Georgia are safer on the roads due to interventions that your company played a large part in devising, and bringing to fruition, is a real and meaningful contribution to the community.

H. Lehman Franklin P.C.

At H. Lehman Franklin P.C., we have a long and proud history of helping citizens in Georgia communities. We are committed to doing our part to help make Georgia’s roads safe for everyone. The Safe Roads Challenge is your chance, as business owners and city officials, to make a real difference in communities across the state.

If you would like to take part and think your company has the tools and ideas needed to make safer road challenges a reality, you can apply via the Together for Safer Roads website. There you can also find further details on previous challenge interventions which were successfully implemented and had a positive impact on road safety.

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