Why Suing After a Car Accident is the Right Thing to Do

Car Accident

Why Suing After a Car Accident is the Right Thing to Do

A startling number of people are injured in car accidents and do not want to sue. For many of these people, the reasons are understandable. The car accident may have been caused by a loved one or friend, creating a moral dilemma for the injured party. It’s usually the insurance company who is footing the bill. However, even if the responsible party does not hold insurance, covering the cost of your own medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering could financially cripple your bank balance.

Documented Evidence

If you have documented evidence of a car accident that supports your case in proving another party or parties were at fault, you have a greater chance of receiving the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies may not want to challenge your claim if you have documented injuries, property damage, evidence from the road at the scene, and have statements from truthful witnesses. If the insurance company does decide to contest your claim, that same evidence may sway things in your favor in a lawsuit.

Car Accident Lawyer

You may want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer from the outset, depending on the circumstances of your case. The good news is you don’t have to walk blindly into representation you may not need. You can receive free consultation from an experienced car accident lawyer in Georgia, allowing you to discuss the details of your accident before making an informed decision of whether you should hire a lawyer.

The law firm of H. Lehman Franklin can provide a free consultation, whereby we can visit you at your home or hospital bedside if you have been involved in a car accident on the roads of Georgia. It is important for us that all potential clients are provided the opportunity to explore options; including representation when dealing with insurance companies.

Making an Informed Decision

One of the most stressful times for someone who has been in a car accident is in the immediate aftermath, when receiving treatment while also trying to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company. An insurance adjuster may contact you and attempt to get you to admit some or all or the fault in the car accident. You are under no obligation to discuss the details of the accident with anyone without legal advice.

If you have any concerns about dealing with insurance adjusters and how it will impact the likelihood of you receiving fair compensation, you can reach out to the offices of H. Lehman Franklin for a free consultation. Having an experienced lawyer on your side may help make your pursuit of compensation a much smoother journey; allowing you to concentrate on your injuries and getting back to work.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Reach out to H. Lehman Franklin P.C. today by phone at 912-764-9616 or by email at info@hlfranklin.com if your car accident has left you with medical bills and other costs, including lost wages. We are here to provide you with expert consultation and representation, should you need it in the state of Georgia.