How to Get Results After a Truck Accident

Truck Accident

How to Get Results After a Truck Accident

Being involved in a truck accident is a terrifying experience. At any speed, the impact with a truck can be severe, which can result in a higher probability of all parties involved suffering serious injuries. If you have been involved in a truck accident, there are some important steps to take to get results in a compensation claim.

Report all Truck Accidents

Remain at the scene of the truck accident if it has just happened. Everyone should make efforts to ensure the safety of those involved in the accident. You can turn on hazard lights to make sure other drivers can see those at the scene. This can help prevent a crash pileup. Call 911 and provide details that will allow the operator to determine which emergency services are needed. Do not discuss or admit fault at this point.

Make sure you receive any necessary medical treatment at the scene or the emergency room. See your primary physician should you develop delayed injury symptoms. Make a point of ensuring all medical treatment is fully documented and accurate.

Other Parties & Witnesses

At the scene of a truck accident, it helps to identify other parties involved and their vehicles. This will allow you to document evidence such as marks on the road or the vehicles directly involved in the collision. Do not admit fault to these parties but do collect information. It is also advisable to collect contact details from anyone who witnessed the accident. Gather names, addresses, contact numbers, and insurance details from drivers who may have caused the accident. If you are not the driver of the truck, ask for the truck driver’s company name and contact details.

Document the Scene

Use the wonders of modern technology by taking photos of any injuries, damage to vehicles, weather conditions, and skid marks on the road. This information will help your personal injury lawyer build your case for compensation if you were not fully at-fault for the accident. Other drivers will likely have similar ideas and may contact their insurance company if they believe they were at-fault for the truck accident. You do not speak to the insurance adjuster of another driver.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Speak to a truck accident attorney in Georgia if you have been involved in a truck accident and wish to seek compensation. You should not discuss the accident with the other driver’s insurance adjuster. Your lawyer can handle all correspondence and discussion pertaining to the claim. H. Lehman Franklin is a reputable truck accident lawyer in the state of Georgia, with over 30 years of relevant experience.

Call the offices of H. Lehman Franklin P.C. today at 912-764-9616 if you would like to benefit from a free consultation, where you can discuss the details of your truck accident. You can also email us at We understand you may be dealing with serious injuries after a major collision. If you would prefer to discuss your legal options face-to-face, we can come to your home or visit you in hospital.