What Is a Secured Debt In a Bankruptcy Case?


What Is a Secured Debt In a Bankruptcy Case?

Debtors must list or “schedule” their debts in bankruptcy cases based on whether the debt is unsecured, secured, or a priority debt. A secured debt is an obligation backed by collateral that a creditor may recover upon default as defined in the security agreement accompanying the purchase. Examples of secured debts include:

  • mortgages;
  • home equity loans;
  • motor vehicle loans;
  • tax liens;
  • judgment liens;
  • mechanic’s or materialman’s liens; and
  • loans for large appliances and electronics such as televisions.

Bankruptcy debtors must list:

  • the amount of the debt;
  • the creditor’s name and mailing address;
  • the date of the debt;
  • any applicable account number;
  • whether the debt is contingent, liquidated, or disputed;
  • a description of the property that secures the debt;
  • the type of lien;
  • the value of the collateral, and
  • any of the portion of the debt that would be unsecured after subtracting the value of the collateral from the amount of the debt. If the debt is for $250,000 and the collateral is worth $180,000, then $70,000 of the debt is unsecured.

Secured debts are listed on a debtor’s Schedule “D” which is filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

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