The Post-Bankruptcy Education Requirement

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The Post-Bankruptcy Education Requirement

Any individual who files a consumer bankruptcy case is required to complete two counseling classes, one before filing the bankruptcy case, and one after filing but prior to the receipt of a discharge. The second counseling class known as debtor education in personal financial management course is necessary and crucial to a debtor receiving a discharge in his or her bankruptcy case.

The main purpose of filing a bankruptcy case for consumers is to receive an order that discharges their debts. The receipt of a discharge in a bankruptcy case varies from five to six months for a Chapter 7 case and from three to five years for a Chapter 13 case.

The first credit counseling course is mandatory prior to the filing of the bankruptcy petition, which initiates the bankruptcy case. However, before the court issues and enters a discharge order, all individual debtors must complete personal financial debt management course. Upon completion, debtors receive a certificate as proof of their compliance with this requirement.

Like the pre-bankruptcy credit counseling course, this financial management course may be taken online, in person, or over the telephone. The cost is typically between $15-35, but the fee may be waived if a debtor applies for and is deemed to qualify for the waiver. The course takes approximately two hours to complete and teaches debtors to manage money and debt while advantageously using credit and a budget. Many different companies offer the courses with varying fees and the company must be approved in the debtor’s filing district in order for the certificate to be mailed.

REMEMBER! A bankruptcy court will not issue and enter a discharge order until this course is taken. A wise of action for any debtor is to take this class immediately after the case is filed.  

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