How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Solve Financial Stress


How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Solve Financial Stress

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can perform many tasks and handle many situations that are otherwise stressful for potential and actual bankruptcy debtors. The decision whether bankruptcy is the proper course of action requires the assistance of an attorney like Lehman Franklin or Kimberly Ward who have the experience to respond to all of the questions and concerns that potential bankruptcy debtors present.

The benefits of filing bankruptcy provide an effective solution to financial problems. Bankruptcy cases require debtors to meet certain requirements before and after filing. These requirements include the filing of documentation within certain deadlines. The United States Bankruptcy Court regularly sends notices of the filing of various documents, pleadings, motions, etc. to bankruptcy debtors, who must respond to some of these filings, again, within certain pre-established deadlines.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney can handle all necessary responses while calendaring important dates in a bankruptcy case. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can file the bankruptcy case and become the point of contact for creditors. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can alleviate the stress associated with dealing with creditors and meeting important deadlines.

Bill collectors often call and attempt to harass debtors into making payment whether or not the debtor actually has the means of making such payment. Few debt collectors are sympathetic to the problems of the average consumer who is in debt. Consumers must assert their legal rights because debt collectors will not stop calling otherwise. An experienced bankruptcy attorney like H. Lehman Franklin of Kim Ward can stop collection agents from making harassing phone calls. A knowledgeable bankruptcy and debt solution attorney like H. Lehman Franklin of Kim Ward can help ensure that any consumer is receiving the full benefit of the protections afforded by federal law.

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